Hi my name is Parker Smith and I'm a professional painting contractor in Mcminnville OR. I wanted to express how much valuable information the Dan Brady "How To Paint a Room Like A Pro" I recently received a call from a local school which was wanting to meet with me in regards to an up coming painting project at the school. I arrived at the school to meet with them and was surprised when the meeting was with me and about 6 high school students. What they were doing was meeting with me to see If I could volunteer my time and expertise of painting to help them with a very large interior painting project. This was a huge class project. At the time I thought the school was crazy to put students in charge of this big of a project. The kids were responsible for finding volunteers, getting the equipment, and doing all of the painting. Once I looked around and realized how large of a job this was the only thing I could think of is that there was no way that I personally could train enough people to perform the volunteer work. What I decided to do was had the kids pick 8 crew leaders. After a couple weeks they had selected the crew leaders. The next step that I gave them was to watch and study the "How To Paint A Room Like A Pro" video and get the needed equipment and supplies needed to prepare and paint a small wall. Because of the video, they learned exactly what they needed to get in terms of supplies. A few weeks later the 8 crew leaders had watched the video and had the supplies ready for me to come and help them through the process of preparing and painting a section of wall that was approximately 15 feet long and 10 feet tall. They had a good grasp on what to do because of the video but gained good experience by actually getting there hands dirty and doing the work required to paint the wall. One week later the 8 crew leaders met with 45 volunteers, then split into crews of 5 to 6 people. Each crew leader was able to instruct the volunteers in how to properly prepare and paint the walls. Long story short, that video from Dan Brady was thorough enough and had so much valuable information that 8 inexperienced high school kids were able to instruct a group of volunteers and complete a very large painting project. As a painting contractor I really appreciate the content and skills taught in the video.

Thanks Parker Smith.

Parker Smith


You are a professional company that does quality work.  You fit the job to the customer's needs, i.e., low latex fumes.  I was impressed at how fast Jason masked, hung plastic and covered everything!  He painted a textured ceiling and didn't get a drop on his face or hair!!!

Barbara Sheaks


Dan Brady and crew are fantastic!  They're thorough, consistent and friendly.  Amazing customer service!  They communicated well.  The only way to improve would be to walk on water and spin plates!

Bonnie Alfonso


Dan Brady Painting was there at the time they said they would be.  They cleaned up their equipment at the end of the day and did a great job.  We especially liked the explanation of how the job would go and what to expect at completion.  They removed shoes or boots when entering the house.  We think they do a great job.

Sue Sellers


We especially liked their professionalism and their promptness.

Mike Boudjalis, Mary's Kitchen Port


You're prompt, efficient, and do quality work.  There was no cleaning up after the work was done!

Mrs. Jack Solomonson


Thanks for another great job!  You are professional, courteous, paid attention to detail, and have a very likeable crew, Jason and Mike.  You explained what and how the painters were going to do or solve a problem.

Rita Sleeman


Dan Brady Painting's crew came on time, worked hard, asked questions, were friendly and funny.  They explained what they were going to do and made sure our expectations were met.

Ruth Walker


Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration is very thorough.  They do a fantastic job!  We especially liked the straight lines, and covered mistakes on the trim! 

Macare Kelly Lumbrezer


Dependable, professional, courteous, extremely easy to work with.  They offered suggestions for the areas that I was going to complete.

Keith Schwarz


Dear Dan (and staff),

Thank you so much.  We have been so busy admiring our new house color this summer that it's taken me 3 months to finally write this note of appreciation to you! We could not be happier with the final product and the neighbors are STILL complimenting us on the upgrade to the neighborhood.  You delivered a superior result and your staff could not have been better.  They were so friendly and courteous.  Thank you so much again for making our house more of a "home" to us.  We love it and will definitely call  you again when we need other services.  You are simply the best, Dan!


Karyn Hertel and Family


Dan Brady and his team were a pleasure to work with.  I hired them to powerwash and stain the exterior of my home.  My wife and I hardly knew they were there and the finished product was amazing.  First class service.

Joel Greene


Dan & Crew,

Thank you for doing such an outstanding job with our old school house building. I know it never looked better. We appreciate your professionalism.

Dave & Joan
Peninsula Cellars


We have used Dan Brady Painting Services several times, for both interior and exterior.  We were more than satisfied with the quality of the work and the materials used.  Efficient, reasonable and friendly.  He's the first one we would call or recommend to our friends.


Bill and Terri Denoyer