Our Process

Our Process (Interior)

  • Caulk all trim and fill nail holes with painter's putty
  • Prime ceilings, walls and trim
  • Pole sand all walls
  • Spray trim with a HVLP sprayer to achieve a factory finish
  • Spray doors with a HVLP sprayer to achieve a factory finish
  • Cut and roll walls
  • Tidy up customer property

Our Process (Exterior)

  • Remove mildew or mold, if present, with a water and bleach mixture
  • Pressure wash exterior to remove oxidation on siding from the sun and prepare surface for coating
  • Remove any failing caulk and replace with new.  If house has never been caulked we apply caulk in all recommended exterior seams
  • Mask windows and all other objects that will not be coated
  • Spray and back brush the exterior siding of house
  • Cut in trim with brush
  • Remove all masking and tidy up customer property.  We take great pride in leaving our client's property just the way we found it.

When is it time to paint my exterior?

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions it is time to call Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration for an estimate.

  • Fading Paint

    Over time and exposure to the elements, all paint will fade.  Sides of houses that are exposed to sunlight, wind and rain will fade faster than the sides of houses that are in the shade.

    To address this problem, Dan Brady Painting and Wood restoration uses only the highest quality paints and stains.  Although all brands will fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight, the less expensive paints and stains will fade much faster than the high quality products that we use.

  • Chalky Siding

    As paint breaks down, the pigment “chalks” or separates from the paints binder.  Excessive chalking can lead to colors fading, paint erosion and stains.  Cheap paint, poor surface preparation and exposure to harsh elements are often the culprits.

    To address this problem, Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration cleans and pressure washes the house prior to applying the coating.  Pressure washing removes the chalky residue and gives the coating a stable surface to adhere to.

  • Mildew

    Causes of mildew vary. Neighboring homes with mildew problems can act as a breeding ground, spreading the fungus to your house.  Shrubbery to close to your home provides an attractive place for mildew to grow on your siding.  Leaks around your roof, chimney, windows and doors can trap water behind your siding causing mildew to form when the moisture is escaping through the siding.

    To address this problem, Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration kills the mildew with a bleach and water mixture prior to the coating application.

  • Peeling & Cracking Paint

    All woods expand and contract, often causing brittle paint to crack and peel.
    To address this problem Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration removes any brittle or cracked paint prior to painting the house.  Then we apply 100% acrylic latex coating that is able to expand and contract with changing temperatures so the coating won’t crack or peel.

Fading paint, chalky siding, mildew and peeling paint can all lead to a less than desirable curb appeal for your home.  If you are experiencing any of these issues it is time to give us a call.  Rest assured you will find that we have the capabilities to take care of any of your painting/staining needs.  We are looking forward to putting our high quality craftsmanship to work for you.