About Us

My painting career began as an apprentice during my freshman year in high school at Traverse City St. Francis. I worked under a Master Painter through my high school years and when I went off to college I created my own painting company to pay for my education. After graduating from Central Michigan University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Business Administration, I spent five years working for a large corporation as an account executive. In the year 2000 my brother Scott and I formed Brady Specialty Coatings, a company that focused on refinishing bathtubs, kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets with acrylic urethane coatings. Through my experience with Brady Specialty Coatings I gained a tremendous amount of expertise working with all different types of coatings. I also developed professional skills with spraying applications. The painting experience that I had gained through high school and college provided a foundation upon which Dan Brady Painting & Wood Restoration was born. We not only had the ability to refinish kitchens and baths but we could also handle all of our clients' painting needs. Dan Brady Painting & Wood Restoration formed in 2002. Since that day we have been focusing all of my efforts on meeting the demands of our residential and commercial clients throughout the Grand Traverse Region.


We employ four full-time painters. During the summer months we expand our crew to meet our heavy workload.  Each of our team members is a professional painter who takes pride in the finished product. 


We work in Grand Traverse and surrounding counties.

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